• Calvary Baptist Church

From the Pastor's Desk: April, 2021

...”The flowers appear on the earth and the time of the singing of birds has come.” Yes, it has come! The jonquils --or daffodils and the tulips are starting to be seen and each morning I am aware of more and more birds singing! It is a time of reawakening,

Spring is one of my favorite times of year. After a winter of snow and cold –and grey days, it is nice to see and feel the sun and to know that the days are longer and warmer! Now if we can only control this pandemic.. But we are on the way to control of the pandemic. More and more of us are being vaccinated and hopefully, by summer or early fall, we will have achieved “herd immunity” - which means (as I understand it) that about 80% of us are vaccinated.

We will move to our parking lot worship on Easter Sunday, April 4. We will still be streaming on Facebook - so that option remains for you to select. The one caution that I would offer is that although we can exit our cars, we will not be hugging and shaking hands but will maintain a 6-foot social distance even in the parking lot! Better safe than sick!!

We will have our second workshop on April 18 -“Interim Ministry 2.0” - Be sure to come for that! There is so much information to be shared in regard to this important time we call the Interim. Learning, growing, and maybe even changing!! Together we are becoming the Calvary Baptist Church of the future.

Our neighbors had their first child last week - Evan. He is so little and so precious. I was thinking of him and of our granddaughter, Ellie Rose. What a different world they have come into. Ellie does not know adults without masks! Evan will probably not go into a store or restaurant for the foreseeable future, A different world indeed.

We have lived thru many changes this year. And we will live thru more. Hopefully one of those will bring us into our sanctuary. But even then, our worship will be different. We will not sit close by our neighbor, we will not have bulletins or hymnals, we will probably not be able to sing -- oh yes, my friends it will be a different world. But this never changes - God is with us and Jesus is our Savior! What a blessing we have that Jesus died for us and lives for us and gives us Eternal Life. And no pandemic can take that away from us. Be with us on Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Easter. We will great each other - “He is Risen...He is risen Indeed”

Pastor Cyndi