• Calvary Baptist Church

From the Pastor's Desk: December, 2020

Did you hear the one about the teenaged girl who found out she was pregnant? She knew she was a virgin .but it was “okay” because an angel appeared to her and told her that her child was holy -- actually the Son of God!! And then there were the shepherds who told everyone that angels appeared to them and told them that the messiah had come. But..it was a baby, born in a stable.. to a young woman! Oh my, this story just goes on and on ...

Two thousand years ago the young woman said “yes” to God. The shepherds found the child and Joseph became the earthly father to the Son of God! Could you do that? Would you? If God called you (and you knew it was God) would you uproot your life, go against all the mores of society and have a baby who was God? I’m not sure I could. I’m really busy. I have my own life. And I don’t like to be told what to do!!

We’d each have our own excuses/reasons to explain our behavior. For some it would be physical limitations, financial situations (babies are expensive). It might be our social situation - what will the neighbors think? But God needs our “Yes”. God needs us to be the one who speaks up - for the poor, the needy, and the ones who have no voice. God needs us to be a Deacon and a trustee and a teacher and to be an example of what it means to follow God.

Why do I say this now at this time of year? Because, my friends, we also need to say “Yes” to the restrictions placed on our lives during this pandemic. We are supposed to minister to the least of these - to feed them and visit them...but we can’t do all that we would do because of the PANDEMIC. Our building is closed, our kitchen is closed and our sanctuary is closed. And our ability to serve to the community in familiar ways is limited. Our obedience to the new rules - don’t come into the building, don’t gather together - face to face- with friends and colleagues. Stay within your own circle /family. The new statistics tell us that the spread of the virus occurs within small groups - not the large gatherings that we have come to fear. People who have no symptoms are spreading the virus to others. The very people we want to be with are the most likely to spread the virus - or to get the virus from us.

This Pandemic is awful! It is hard not to be with family and friends - not to be able to sit around a table, not to be able to sit in our beautiful sanctuary, not to be able to sing hymns. But if we listen and follow the hard rules today, we will ALL be able to do these things at another time -- and none of us will be missing because of the virus. Say “Yes” to the hard rules now - show our community that we care and we are faithful and caring. We are in this together.

THE BUILDING IS CLOSED -- BUT THE CHURCH IS OPEN!! Be well and have a blessed Christmas season. We WILL be together again - singing and praying and being the church. But for now, be the church where you are!!

Pastor Cyndi