• Calvary Baptist Church

From the Pastor's Desk: God's Vision For Our Future

Here we are in 2021 already! Not that we were sad to see 2020 go away, but time is going quickly! I remember my mother saying that to my siblings and me when we were growing up - “time flies” - but I think I understand it much more now - as time does seem to fly by!

And to that end, we will begin doing some “interim work” in February. We will have a workshop meeting - Zoom style – following worship on February 28th, to discuss what it is we should be doing and what it is that we need to do. The interim time is a good time for reflection and a good time to change - not just for change itself, but to try out new things. If they work, we keep them and if they don’t, we try something else. We will begin by asking questions and talking about them together. We will understand where we have come from and where we want to be going. Are there some things that we need to change? Are there some things that we can do better? I hope that you will come to the meeting with questions and ideas for us to talk about.

I hope that if you have suggestions about how we might move forward together that you will bring them to the meeting and share with us all.

Here are some questions for you to think over in preparation for our meeting in February:

  • What are three major concerns that you have for this church?

  • What goals would you like to see us working on in the next few months?

  • What are some of the strengths of this congregation?

  • What are some of the weaknesses of this congregation?

  • Think about some of the people who have been active at Calvary Baptist Church for many years. What has kept them active and involved? What has kept you involved?

  • What excites you about this church?

Everyone, bring your questions and comments to the meeting on February 28th. We will meet and talk together. And pray for the future of our church.

-- Pastor Cyndi