• Calvary Baptist Church

From the Pastor's Desk: June 2021

Updated: Jun 18

I think we can safely say that summer is upon us! Although I have resorted to wearing a sweater on several recent mornings, the kiddie pool is on the deck and filled with water - a sure sign of summer at Grandma’s house!

I know some of you are disappointed that we have not returned to worship in our lovely sanctuary. But as I have mentioned in other articles and as our trustees have also noted, there are some things that must be addressed before we can safely spend time together in the sanctuary. We need to worry about air circulation, and we need to worry about the electricity! For some reason, the power in 1/2 of our building has decided to go “out” at odd times of the day and night - without rhyme or reason. Allan Davies has tirelessly been at work on this issue. Electricians and the power company are involved. You will have ample notice when these issues are resolved, and we can safely return to our new “normal”.

The rules that the government (CDC and State of PA) have made for public buildings, do not necessarily apply to religious services and buildings. Some churches have continued to worship in their buildings, but our trustees decided early on in the pandemic, that for the health and safety of ALL our congregation, we would zoom and/or use our radio transmission from the parking lot. These conveniences have allowed us to be “together” and to hear the Word of God even under peculiar circumstances.

Many of us are “fully vaccinated” and are told that we can unmask and go hither and yon unfettered by masks and/or social distancing. But some of us cannot be vaccinated and cannot be in a public setting unmasked. We were asked not to use paper bulletins, hymnal or Bibles which might gather our “germs” and unwittingly pass them on to others. We were asked not to gather in rooms where we cannot safely distance from each other (3 feet apart at a minimum). I know some of these rules have not been followed recently in our community and some folks have told me that they have been uncomfortable when social distancing is not followed and folks are hugging and shaking hands. While many people celebrate the “end” of the pandemic, there are still people in hospitals and nursing homes who are coming down with the virus. Our numbers are good, but not where the CDC wanted them to be for us to be “open”.

Each one of us must do what our own heart tells us to do - mask and social distancing aside. The government and CDC have rules for the majority, but when have Christians of conscience been in a majority? After all, we are not Walmart or a saloon on the corner. When I come to worship I think not only of myself but also of those with whom I worship. And I pray that you will do likewise.

Pastor Cyndi