• Calvary Baptist Church

From the Pastor's Desk: Let's Get Ready!

Here it is! The one we have waited for -- the one we have lived in hope for -- the year 2021! Oh, and the Christ child has come too!

We wait for lots of things - the mail, a certain phone call, a gift to be delivered, even a bill to be delivered. I wonder how much time we actually spend in our lifetime just waiting... I’m sure someone wiser than Ihas carefully calculated this figure for us - so that we may contemplate it and wonder at all that wasted time!

I am happy to be here and to be your interim pastor during this time of transition. So far, we have been pretty much “stuck” in certain ways of doing things because of our inability to gather together. But now we have ZOOM - and although we will not be in person, we can be together - we can hear and see each other, we can interact.

I know that some of you are afraid of Zoom - you have never used it - and some of you do not intend to try! I want to encourage you to try it - if you do not have a computer, you can still zoom - by dialing in on a certain number - even if you don’t have a SmartPhone - you can hear the worship and be a part of what is happening.

It's a new day, my friends. During the next few weeks, I will begin to talk with you more about the interim time. It’s not just a waiting time, you know. It is a time for reflection, a time to look back and look ahead -a time to try new things and if they don’t work or we don’t like them to cast them aside and start over again.

I am not Pastor Mardy - nor am I any other pastor who has filled the pulpit here at Calvary Baptist. But I have been doing Interim ministry since 1989 - churches large and small, Baptist, United Church of Christ, and some churches where both denominations lived peacefully together. And I have some ideas about things we can do here - even during this pandemic when we are forced to be apart and to do things differently. Different is NOT bad you know. It’s just …different.

Pray for our church. Pray for your leaders and for how you can be a part of the churchgoing forward into this new adventure. We have work to do, my friends. God is preparing someone to come and fill this pulpit, but God will not send that person here until we are ready. SO, let’s get ready!! Let the adventure begin...

Pastor Cyndi