• Calvary Baptist Church

From the Pastor's Desk: March, 2021

Here we are in March already! Snow has come and gone ...and come again. But as I look out my window today, I see sunshine and very little piles of snow where once there was a mountain...signs of hope to me! The Lenten season is a season of hope - we come from Ash Wednesday to the days of contemplation and discernment. Days to think about one’s relationship with God and with His son ... death and resurrection are imminent on our Christian calendar.

I think one of the most important things about Lent is the fact that we must have a Good Friday before we can have an Easter. That darkness and knowing that one of His own has betrayed him. The question that should arise on each tongue. “Is it I, Lord?”

Our church is in a Lenten time. A time of discernment and questioning. We are searching for a full-time settled pastor --but how will God send us? Will we need to change things? What if I don’t like the new pastor?? All good things to ponder. But the larger question is “How will I help Calvary Baptist go into the future with our new pastor?

Lo, the winter is passed. The snow is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds has come.

As I type this, my right arm is in a cast.... my thumb is useless for this little while. And everything I do takes sooo much longer. But I know it is not forever. I know the cast will come off and my thumb will once again help me to live my life. Your new pastor will come when God is ready and knows you are ready. And life will go on.

New life is exciting and a little scary. Remember the first time you held a new baby? Beautiful ...but a little scary. God’s plans are yet unknown, but our task now is to prepare ourselves and our church to receive our pastor. That’s where I come in! If you attended our workshop, you know that there are certain tasks for us to accomplish during this interim time. Together we will ready the church (all of you) for the new adventure that awaits. Enjoy the spring as it presents itself in the next few weeks. Enjoy the church as we discover new things that we can do. Discover again your relationship with your God and with the chosen One who will sacrifice it all ...for you.

Pastor Cyndi