• Calvary Baptist Church

From the Pastor's Desk: November, 2020

Do you remember the Memorial Day Parade? All the floats and the bands (I love marching bands!) And the Fourth of July - all those beautiful fireworks - even though the dog had to be sedated for the duration!! And then there was the parade to commemorate the Vote being part of Women’s history for 100 years.. I have my t-shirt and wear it proudly! What a summer it was -- 2020 --never will be another like it!!

All those memories - that never happened. But they would have - and could have - another time and another place, but .this is our time and our place. We can wish it were different, but it isn’t. Which is not to say we won’t have another parade or other fireworks. Just not now.

So many of the things we have held near and dear did not happen this year. But look at the new things we have learned. Did you ever think we would worship in our cars and listen to the sermon on our radio? Or that we could sit at home in our living room or at our kitchen table and have the music and the Word brought to us --in our pj’s ?? It is a different time, my friends.

A Task Force was formed sometime this summer and their work has brought about an opening of sorts. The sanctuary will be open - but you will not sit near your friends, or sing hymns or greet each other, or read responsive readings from the hymnals. You will sit six feet from your closest neighbor and you will enter and leave the sanctuary without speaking to or shaking hands with other people at worship. It will be different. And your pastor will be on YouTube or Facebook or on your phone. Due to a number of comorbidities, I will not be in the sanctuary but will put my sermon on tape to be broadcast on YouTube, Facebook, or a screen in the sanctuary. It will be different.

You will select which style of worship in which you will participate. If you have compromises which render you more apt to become sick from Covid19, perhaps you will worship from home - or in your car (we will still broadcast to the parking lot) If you are healthy and not concerned about infecting others in your circle of family and friends, you may wish to don your mask and enter the sanctuary.

The scripture tells us that where two or three are gathered in His name, God will be there with us. For me, that will be my kitchen or my living room. Not only am I compromised, but I have little ones for whom I carry lots of care and would not carry a germ home to them. Each person will make a decision - I make no judgment on any of these forms of worship...you must do that in concert with your family and your God.

I know I have enjoyed worship in the parking lot. I have enjoyed Zoom worship with my church in Royersford (where I am a member). And I have worshiped with people across the country - since I am not limited by time or space and can Zoom into their service anytime! Try it - you might like it !!

Wherever you worship - and however you select your method of worship, May God bless you with a worshipful heart. And please, be safe and be healthy.

Pastor Cyndi