• Calvary Baptist Church

From the Pastor's Desk: The Work of the Interim Minister

Greetings for the Fall of the year! Did it seem to come too soon? I feel like I had no summer -- or I am waiting for the other shoe to drop? It has been one very strange “season”!

First, let me way how honored I am and pleased to be selected as your Interim Minister. Although I have yet to appear in person in the portico -- I have attended worship sitting in my hospital bed for the past two weeks. I am thankful to my husband Dave and to all of you for greeting him warmly and making him feel at home.

The interim time is a very special time - one different than “ordinary time” and yet so important to our life together as we move forward thru time. I was ordained in 1989 to be an interim minister. I have served churches large and small, Baptist and UCC , Federated (UCC, UMC and ABC). No church is exactly the same as the one before or after and yet the similarity is found in the timing - the “in-betweenness” of the situation.

During our time together, we will come together to understand what it means to be in the interim - and we will understand where that finds us during this pandemic and during this special time. There will no doubt be challenges - starting with how and where do we worship?? Inside, outside - in the parking lot, in the pavilion, in our own living room/dining room/ kitchen... And what does where we worship have to do with worship?? Can it only be worship in a sanctuary or in a church building?? Can we worship with a worship leader on a screen, leading worship from a remote location?? Can we have meaningful worship as we Zoom together - each in our own little screen and yet connected by the wonders of technology??

So many questions ... and as many answers as there are people in worship. I know some of you are anxious - to some extent we all are. And yet, the God of all tells us not to be anxious. Wherever we are, God is in the midst of us.

So many decisions will be made in the next few weeks and months. Stay calm ... and pray for God’s guidance. The answer may not be the same for each one of us , and yet God knows what we need and God will provide.

Remember most of all that we come to this place in love and for the love of God - be kind to each other. WE will work out the worship because that is the work of God’s people - wherever and however we do it.

Pastor Cyndi