• Calvary Baptist Church

Pulpit Committee in Need of Prayer

The Pastoral Search Committee has been meeting regularly on MicroSoftTeams during the coronavirus quarantine to work on the many tasks that need to be completed before we are able to call a new pastor. We open our meetings by praying for Christ to be at the center of our thoughts and for the Lord to be preparing the right pastor for our church. Please join us in this journey by praying for Calvary’s Pastoral Search Committee in the following ways:


Pray for the unity of our committee. It is essential. There are many decisions to make and thus many potential areas for disagreement. If we are not united, we will struggle with important issues that need harmony before calling a pastor.


Pray for our committee to stay strong. Spiritual attacks can easily overwhelm a pastoral search. Pray for us to seek Christ in the midst of the many distractions and challenges we may face in our personal lives.


Pray for our committee to set secondary issues aside so we can focus on what’s important. Pray we would be able to quickly identify pastors who would not be a good fit for our church so we may find the pastor who best fits the needs of Calvary Baptist Church. Pray for spiritual insight into the many decisions we must make.


Pray for our committee to have the endurance to find the pastor Calvary Baptist Church needs. The search committee process is a long process. It takes most churches at least a year to find a new pastor, some even longer. The search team can grow weary and discouraged when the applicants do not fit our standards. Thank you, Calvary Search Committee