• Calvary Baptist Church

Pulpit Committee Update

Dear Members and Friends of Calvary,

It was wonderful to see so many of you at Pastor Mardy’s drive-by retirement parade. I was personally blessed to be among my church family after such a long separation. Sundays at Calvary are always spirit-filled and enriched by the warm fellowship of our brothers and sisters in the Lord. COVID19 has brought us many challenges but also many opportunities. Volunteers have been working with our supply pastors to upload sermons on YouTube while we are not allowed to meet in church. Rev. Kenneth Webster, our supply pastor for June and July, will begin a social distancing outdoor church service this Sunday, June 28, at 9:30 AM in our parking lot! More information on this exciting next step can be found in this newsletter. Please be in prayer for the Deacons, Worship Committee, and the Webster family.

Each one of you is unique and has a special place and a special purpose within the body of Christ. Our thanks to those who completed the Pastoral Search Committee Survey on our website and by return mail. We are carefully considering these important results and prayerfully working to discern Calvary’s uniqueness for the on-line profile all pastoral candidates will review.

Please continue to pray for unity, wisdom, and discernment within the Pastoral Search Committee as we work towards bringing an interim pastor to Calvary during this time of pastoral transition. We know the Lord is already preparing the heart of our future pastor. Be in prayer for the servant of God whom the Lord will call to Calvary Baptist; that this pastor will feel a connection with our church profile and that the way to Calvary Baptist will be made clear.

God Bless,

Suzanne Davies, chair

Susan Blair

Mollee Griffith

Yeka Kilikpo

Scott Korin

Doug Leech

Melika Matlack